Monday, February 8, 2010

POM Wonderful Review

POM Wonderful is a global brand committed to innovation and wellness. We grow and market pomegranates and pomegranate-based products that are healthy, honest and essential to the well-being of humankind.

I had been hearing so much buzz surrounding POM, when they contacted us, I was excited. I had been looking for a new juice to try for me and Moochie. I get tired of Apple juice after a while, plus it's not all that healthy for you in large quantities.

POM's commitment:
  • Using the latest drip-irrigation technologies in our orchards to minimize use of one of California’s scarcest resources – water.
  • Making productive use of every single part of the pomegranate. What’s left over is used as cattle feed – no landfills for us!
  • Manufacturing our bottles right next to our filling plant, which means no wasteful transportation of air-filled bottles.
  • Employing an intelligent routing system to ensure our products travel the fewest miles possible to reach store shelves.
  • LEED Silver certified corporate offices in Los Angeles, CA.

POM Wonderful Pomegranate juice has more anti-oxidant power than: wine, grape, cherry, acai, cranberry, orange and apple juice and green tea!
So besides the health facts, what about taste? Coming from one of the pickiest household families, I think it's safe to say it tastes wonderful! My husband 14 month old, and I loved it, and I knew it was something that was healthy, and nutritious for us all. Their site also features some awesome looking recipes.

The next time you're at the store and searching for something new and nutritious, pick up a bottle of POM, you'll love it!

I received samples free of charge to review, this is not a paid post and opinions are my own.