Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fun stuff... yeah not really.

Croup: –noun Pathology.:any condition of the larynx or trachea characterized by a hoarse cough and difficult breathing.
{Begin complaining}
In other words... a royal pain in the Beep.
My son had a rough night last night, he was coughing all night and wheezing. So, off to the doctor we go today. He has croup. He is totally fine during the day, unless he starts crying. Then he starts coughing, then crying harder. It's an endless cycle.
I feel bad for him, and I'm so glad he's not running a fever.
It seems like my kids are always freakin getting sick. I swear I don't throw them out in the cold with no coats on or anything. I just don't get it! Since Noodle started school, there has been one thing after another, and it sucks.
{End Complaining}